445 Receives Orientation Training for GIP

The National Youth Commission’s flagship Programme funded by UNDP— Graduate Internship Programme (GIP) trained 445 young people who were pre-shortlisted for the 2020 GIP. The Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP Rokya Ye Dieng has said “Youth aged 15 to 35 years, account for 33% of the country’s population of which 67% remain unemployed.” She also said young graduates often lack work-ready skills compounded with limited employment opportunities. The Deputy Resident Representative encouraged the young people to create ‘sustainable businesses from the skills set received and take up the current challenges presented by the nation’s unfolding priorities.   

In a statement by the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Luseni Kallon the Ministry acknowledges the challenges of youth with unemployment sitting at the top. Sector collaboration he said would address these challenges in line with the President’s vision.

Commissioner of NAYCOM Ngolo Katta noted that 2020 will be the last year for the UNDP’s funded GIP as it transition to other youth initiatives. He admonished the young people to be serious about developing themselves and support the government’s drive for youth empowerment.

The GIP has been implemented since 2012 to ameliorate the huge unemployment among young graduates. Over 600 young graduates have secured permanent employment through this scheme.

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