Ecotourism for Youth in Turtle Island

As the National Youth Commission plan its Ecotourism initiative to engage young people along Turtle Island in Sierra Leone, the Deputy Commissioner Emerson Kamara and team visited Seh and Chepoh Islands to discuss the project with the community stakeholders.

Local Chief of Seh Island Saffa Nallo said they were excited about the project as they have been cut-off national development over the years. The Youth Leader Aruna Freeman said the Island is in need of a youth center as that will attract development projects.

Chepoh Island- Bonthe District Sierra Leone

In Chepoh Island, the community stakeholders were equally overwhelmed and look forward to rolling out of the project as most of the youth are mainly into fishing. According to them, this will provide another source of livelihood.

Deputy Commissioner Emerson Kamara, said that NAYCOM through the government is poised to establish youth programs in rural communities in order to “minimise migration of youth to urban communities” who mostly get engaged in less productive activities in those communities.

He said the Commission will pilot the project in one of the Islands and train youth in the surrounding Islands to work as a team.

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