NAYCOM Engages Youth in Six Districts

The National Youth Commission has completed a round trip to Koinadugu, Falaba, Kono,
Makeni, Bo and Moyamba districts.
The Commissioners Ngolo Katta and Emerson Kamara and team had engagements in Koinadugu
and Falaba on the Skills Development Fund Project hosted by the Ministry of Technical and
Higher Education (MTHE). In Falaba district, the youth Chairman Balla Jawara said, the district
does not have a skills training center and they will be grateful if the Commission can provide
Commissioner Katta said, the government is poised to build the middle level manpower through
Technical Vocational Education and Training- TVET and will therefore make Falaba a priority.
The team visited the Government Technical Institute in Koinadugu and had a discussion with the
Principal Magba Kargbo. He told the team that the center has serious challenges that is affecting
its operation. He mentioned financial support for the running of the center, tools, computers,
accommodation and the generator that was vandalized by thieves. He said there’s a high demand
for skills training in the district that is difficult to meet amidst these challenges. He said he will
be grateful if they will have support from government to get the center in full operations. He said
“to move out of poverty, education is very important,” my effort alone is not enough to change
the status without the required tools.

In its drive to support agriculture and boost the Commission’s Youth Demonstration Farms, the Commissioner presented a cheque of ten million Leones (Le 10,000,000) to the Koinadugu District Youth Council to support their youth farm. The Chairman Alhajie Sheku Koroma said “the fund is a milestone for us in the farm because right now we don’t have rain gears and food for work, we are going to use this for the right purpose.” In Fullah town, Bombali district, the team visited the NAYCOM Youth Demonstration Farm. This year the Commission extended the farm on the request of the community youth who worked on the farm last year. The Commission has also supported the youth to start their own farm in Rorinka. The youth leader Santigie Conteh said they were given rice seeds and support to hire tractor for ploughing. He said they’re now able to take care of their families through the farming activity the Commission has supported them with.

The team also visited the farm in Kowama, Bumpe Ngao Chiefdom Bo district. The green
blossom rice welcomed the team headed by the Deputy Commissioner Emerson Kamara. The
Youth Chairman Mohamed Jusu said, the farm started last year in more scale but was extended
this year 2020. He said they’re hoping to further increase the farm in the next planting season. He
highlighted some of the challenges they encountered like hiring of tractor to plough the farm. He
expressed gratitude to the Commission and said they hoping for more support to get all the youth
engaged in agriculture.

In Foya Wulleh Moyamba district, the Commission increased its farm from 30 acres to 52 acres
this year engaging more youth in the surrounding communities. The Regional Coordinator South,
Kabba P. Sesay said the farm made a huge success last year and all the five communities who
worked on the youth demonstration farm last year have established their own farms with rice
seeds given to them out of the harvest. Currently, the farm is hosting over 50 women and men
who are helping with weeding and transplanting.

Through a GIZ support of about one hundred and 30 million (Le 130,000,000), the Commission
presented assorted items and Covid 19 prevention materials to Koinadugu, Falaba and Kono
districts. In Koinadugu district, the items were presented to the youth council and youth of cow
yard, a popular youth hangout within the township. In Falaba district, the items were presented in
Mongo to the District Youth Council for distribution among youth in the district.

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