NAYCOM together with partners from United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) under the project YEEP and minimizing the risk of migration has support Kailahun District Youth Council with equipment that will enable them advance in fish farming project.

Several items, including Solar Panels, refrigerator, miller tanks, batteries and other related equipment for the day to day running of fishpond was handed over to the District Chairman and Youth Chairman of Kailahun District.

Deputy Commissioner of National Youth Commission Emerson Kamara said that the establishment of the fishpond is geared towards minimizing the high rate of unemployment among young people in the country. He added that it also a way of supporting the government of Sierra Leone in the agricultural sector. “I see fish farming as a means of livelihood for young people through entrepreneurship instead of illegal migration called temple run,” he said. The Deputy Commissioner also noted that, the project is a means of capacitating young people in Kailahun District to become self-reliant in the fish farming business which in turn will help create job opportunities for other young people in the next two years.

The District Chairman Kailahun Sahr A.K Lamin, lauded the gesture to his people by the government through NAYCOM and its partners stating that it cannot be over emphasized since Naycom and partners have stayed committed to their word by not only establishing fishpond in the District but also implementing other employment projects for the young people of Kailahun District. “Over the years, young people in my community have always seen illegal migration and other activities as a means of survival since our District is close to neighboring country Guinea and this leads to loss of lives of many young people, some have gone astray on the run to survive in another country,” he said. Chairman Lamin ended that he sees the initiative as a key solution that will mitigate the high rate of unemployment in their District.

Programme Manager Momoud Wudie, noted that NAYCOM and partners will continue to support young people of Kailahun and across the country as it is part of the Commission’s objectives to empower the youth in developing their potential, creativity and skills for national development. Momoud Wudie admonished them to take the project seriously as it will enable them generate income for them and the District. He also cited how beneficial the town hall established by NAYCOM and GIZ has been a great source of livelihood for these young people since the hall is used for multipurpose.

Apparently Agricultural including technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has been a focus area for the government of Sierra Leone which will help transform the country’s natural and mineral resources into sustainable development. In that light if youth in Sierra focus on Agro business as well as TVET, it will help lift people out of poverty and create new opportunities to reduce unfair income distribution and increase choices.

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