Social Media Use in Non-violent Campaigns

160 youths participated in the training on ‘effective use of social media in non-violent campaigns’ across four districts— Western Area Rural, Western Area Urban, Koinadugu and Kono. This comes amidst growing concerns by the public on the misuse of social media especially by young people to share fake news that has the propensity to create chaos in society.

Instances of fake news making rounds on social media have led to bloody violent clashes by youth in various parts of the country. The Mayor of Koidu City Kono District, His Worship Komba Sahr said, the training was very timely as young people in the district need to understand the proper use of social media- “most times our youth use social media to create chaos in society or bring others down.”  

The presentation on the effective use of social media for development ushered frank discussions from the participants and some said they were influenced to engage in social media deception to cause mayhem. However, they were encouraged to explore the positive opportunities on social media as the world is becoming a small place to live in and share knowledge, ideas and passing over valuable culture to the next generation, all of which is possible through social networking and media.

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